Actually, yes. We are a platform first company used by about 400 photographers and a dozen photo companies. We can place you with service contractors, or provide events with self-serve options. The choice is all yours.

Our platform is presently offered to endurance events, because our matching algorithms are entirely purpose built. We are not just another gallery reselling Amazon Rekognition or Google Vision.

Our proprietary process includes over a million datapoints analyzed via A.I. to provide endurance events with the very best matching service on the market.

No. Our desktop uploader application is browser based and only requires an internet connection. Dropping files is as easy as dropping them into any file management platform. [Think Dropbox, as example.]

Our Mobile Uploader App is presently only available on Android, and is compatible with Canon and Nikon Cameras manufactured in the last 6 years. We advise testing prior the event to make sure your camera settings are correct. If you don’t have an Adroid, we have several rentals available.

I am glad you asked. Actually, that is highly variable based on the market and season. To best serve you, we advise you book a team no later than 90 days prior your event.

To set your gallery up takes minutes. We can even help you post event. However, an advance preview of your bib design will help us identify any potential snags in our vision tools.

Sometimes. We do have a couple of turn-key sponsorships available for a reduced platform cost. In some cases, we can underwrite the full cost of photography. Contact us for details.

Photo sales are not what they used to be. However, our speed to market has shown an increased engagement model for both paid prints and social delivery. New for 2019, we will offer a hybrid solution for unlimited digital downloads at full resolution and fulfillment with our national partner for prints. Contact us for details.

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